Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ha! Take That Rick Steves!

Finally, someone who has something decent to say about Algeciras. This is literally the first website I've found that mentions anything worthwhile about staying here, besides this blogger who has been living here for the past two years.
So with that for an introduction, read away to find out all the reasons Algeciras is worth a visit!


  1. That's really interesting that Algeciras is Spanish for al-jazeera. How long did you look online for a positive post about Algeciras?? I'm loving all the posts

  2. Haha it took a pretty long time...I spent hours looking up whatever I could about this place before I actually got here, but never found anything good. Then I just randomly stumbled across this when I was googling clothing stores.
    And I had nooo idea what you were talking about, I hadn't clicked on that second link before. That's really cool!