Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amigos, Españoles y Americanas. Finalmente

I have friends, I have friends, I have friends! La de da de da!
Don't judge me, you try moving halfway around the world without knowing a soul and then try not to act excited when you finally realize you have people to talk to again.

That was my biggest fear moving here was that I would spend all my friday nights in my room watching tv shows on

But nope. Eli (the other auxiliar), Christine (the other american expat) and her novio Xabi (read: Shavi. diminutive of Xavier I believe?) and I went out for tapas and drinks.

Here's some of the highlights of the first of many great nights to come.

Me explaining to Eli that the Granada fútbol jerseys looked like Wally from Where's Wally.
Get it? Yeah, not so much.
Well, Xavi got it right away because apparently that's what he's called in Spain.
Christine reminded me that in America, it's called Where's Waldo.

Xabi explaining his experiences at the Seattle Seahawks football game. "The game was starting and people were still outside drinking, not caring at all. We walked into the stadium and the Seahawks were winning 10-0....What?" He was also very excited that he got to wave the finger (the #1 foam hand thing) around like a crazy person.

Me-"So people have lived in this area for thousands of years but in the 17th century the whole city was demolished and then rebuilt."
Christine-"Well they should DEMOLISH it again. Cause they did a terrible job."
(Christine and Xabi are very adamant that Algeciras is an ugly city. Which it is. I told you so.)

Explaining what party foul means to Xabi -- "una falta de fiesta"

Telling Cris, my spanish roommate, that in the U.S., spanish time is a very popular and well-used phrase. She really thought that was awesome.

We had the most epic spanglish/spanish/english conversations going.

Listening to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" in the most back alley bar I've ever been in, while drinking kalimotxo (half red wine/half coca cola), and having flashes of Bryant & mi novio breaking it down at house parties. (I miss you guys by the way, you'll have to do another rendition of that when I finally make it back in June!)

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  1. Ha! I did the same dance since I went out tonight too!! Lol Yay for friends in Spain :)