Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short Story Time

Friday 9/23 - I told Emily I looked like a "boho". I meant hobo, but that's just how sleep-deprived I was after 30 hours of traveling to get to Granada. I didn't even realize I'd said it wrong.

Monday 9/26 - I wanted to get a fanta limón from a vending machine in my hostel, but I pressed the wrong buttons and got a can of beer instead. Who knew they sold beer in vending machines here?

Tuesday 9/27 - I started off my morning telling myself that jamón serrano (cured ham) isn't as bad as I remember it, and that I could totally have some for breakfast to start my day off right with some protein.
Then I spent 20 minutes trying to choke it down...Tear off little pieces and swallow them quickly, stuff whole pieces in my mouth and try not to taste it while I chew, eat it with toast, nothing worked.
All this while maintaining a face of composure for the Spaniards walking by who already thought I was weird because I clearly was not spanish.

Wednesday 9/28 - I ran into the RESIDENT CRAZY MAN not once, not twice, but FOUR times in the same day. Apparently he walks around the city, finding random benches to sit on and yelling at the invisible people who won't leave him alone.
The last time I saw him he was walking through a plaza, waving his hands in the air as if describing a story, and talking very loudly. Then he stopped, made a motion as if he was tossing something away, and then started laughing a loud, manical sounding laugh. It was haunting.
Nobody else looked alarmed, so apparently this must be a common occurrence?

Friday 9/30 - Little victories, like completing a conversation with a spanish roommate and adding my first spanish friend on facebook (Carlos), make my night so much better! I know that's not really a story, but it is a landmark and deserves to be commemorated.

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