Monday, October 24, 2011

Emma - 3. Lesson plans attempting to ruin my social life - 0.

4 words you don't want to hear late at night when you have to be up early in the morning: "We're out of gas." Aka if you want to take a shower have fun doing the cold water dance.

And it was fun. And cold. And I hopped around a bit trying to avoid letting the icy cold water touch me anywhere than the bottom section of my hair. (Definitely gonna have to take another shower asap as soon as la bombona gets here tomorrow.)

It's moments like those when I really reflect on the fact that I am in a totally different country. I mean, the only time the hot water went out at my house was when my Dad decided to "fix" the water heater and forgot to tell anyone. Love you Dad!

But today was such a great day that not even an icy shower could ruin my mood!
Today I....

  • Successfully ran my first ever lesson plan in front of a class. It was for third-level, their biology class, and it was about the health problems associated with McDonalds. It sounds lame, I know, but I managed to tie it in really well with what they were talking about in class (saturated/unsaturated fats, healthy diets, etc.) and the kids looked like the had a lot of fun.
  • Thenn, I followed up that with teaching my second ever lesson plan. This time it was for the second-level English class, which also went well. I felt really bad at the end though, cause I had told them to draw the best jack-o-lantern they could and 2 winners would get a chocolate bar. I never realized how hard it is to pick only 2 winners when the whole class is staring up at you with puppy dog faces. I felt so mean...
  • And thennnnnnn, last thing I swear, I had my first private lesson with 2 little kids, Paula and Miguel. Miguel is 5 and Paula is 6 and they are adorable! They would ramble away in Spanish and somehow I would understand exactly what they said and respond in English, and somehow they always got what I was saying.  We had been coloring for a few minutes when Miguel jumped off the chair, looked me and said "coloring is really boring, just so you know." Thanks Miguel, I'll make sure to remember that. So then I made them paper airplanes and they used each other for target practice. I taught Paula how to say "Airplane 2 Miguel 0!" SUCCESS.
Everyday I get more and more respect for the teachers I've had through the years. This is hard work! Trying to talk over a class of 25 13 year olds? Impossible. Especially for me because my voice does. not. carry. Thankfully a couple of kids in the first row (thank you George, Beatriz and Alberto) would laugh at me when they saw me attempt to talk above the noise and would loudly yell at everyone to shut up. Worked every time :)

Here's some funny moments I've had in the past few weeks of "being a teacher"...

  • One of the teachers I have conversation class with me insisted that in British English it's right to say "I'm going for hike" or "I'm going for walk", not "I'm going for a hike". Can anybody back that up?
  • That same teacher kept saying "moto-cycle", forgetting the /r/, no matter how many times I repeated it for her. Super funny.
  • 2 second-level students gave a mini-presentation on the origins of Halloween--and apparently it was created in America. Haha :) If you're interested in the true origin of Halloween, click here.
I'm starting to really love my job. It's not that I was expecting to hate it, but I hadn't really thought of the whole job aspect of moving to Spain, I was a little more focused on the "moving to Spain and traveling" part. So CHEERS to everything starting to work out and me realizing that I actually have the capacity to teach&explain things, which I never in a million years thought I could do.

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  1. Get used to the "that's how they say it in Britain excuse!" ... I heard that one a lot last year. And no, it was never how they said it/spelled it in Britain... hehe... it must be a pride thing...
    Anyway, glad you're enjoying the teaching!