Monday, October 10, 2011

No hablo español, I mean, I don't speak spanish!

When I walked into the teacher's lounge this morning I was greeted by one of the English teachers, Pilar, who said "so you have something prepared for class today?" I supposed to? Shit. She then proceeded to tell me that it was totally "fine", and instead we would just be working on the simple present tense, and they would be finishing up their presentations from last week. And, if I had a sudden moment of inspiration could I come up with a game for them to play during class to help learn the tense. Yeah, I'll get right on that. 

I did eventually come up with a mini-competition game, but since the workbook made it seem like they were just learning this verb tense, the sentences I came up with were at a beginner level. So basically, the kids looked like geniuses when they had the right answer figured out before I even finished reading the example. And I looked like I had no idea what was going on. Great start for me. 

The day did have it's bright spots though. When I walked up the stairs to the English class, I was promptly bombarded by 2 girls, one on each side, demanding a picture and insisting that I not tell Pilar they had brought their phones to school. They said all this in Spanish, and I nodded because I had understood everything, but then I realized that I'm not supposed to know any Spanish. Oops. 

They already know that Eli lied to them about not knowing Spanish because some of them overheard her talking to the bilingual coordinator. So they're very doubtful that I don't speak it either. Whenever I hear them speak in English I have to purposely arrange my face into what I *hope* is a puzzled expression, like I have no idea what they're saying. It's a difficult charade to keep up.

Tomorrow Eli and I have our appointments to get our residency cards, so I don't have to be at the school until 1. 

And Wednesday is a holiday. 

And Friday starts my 3 day weekend. 

Good first week.

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