Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Goal - Speak British

One of my original prerequisites for finding flat-mates was that I wanted them to be as international as possible. (Spanish, Italian, French, English, etc. Hopefully a combination of people from everywhere.) When I learned that I was placed in middle-of-nowhere Algeciras, I realized I might have to revise that prereq. a little bit. 
When I first moved into my piso, there were 2 spanish girls and 1 spanish guy. Living with 3 spaniards was great, don't get me wrong, but the INTENSITY of having to focus on listening to a foreign language all day every day made me really worn out.

But a few days after I moved in the guy moved out, and the extra room was taken by a girl from England! This has been fantastic so far, not only because I have someone to speak english with for once, but also because I get to have my inner-child pleased by listening to the English accent day in and day out. It's been wonderful (:

Last night Christina (my flatmate), Eli and I went out for tapas. Here are some of the new words I learned:

  • fringe = bangs
  • pissed = drunk (^ i knew both of these, but it was still fun to hear her say them)
  • shopping trolley = little canvas bag on wheels that spaniards use to carry their groceries home
  • spotty = zits, breaking out
  • i'm not stressed = i'm not worried about it
  • jumper = pants (i knew this too, but once again, my inner child was excited)

After talking with her last night and all day today I caught myself once or twice slipping into the accent a bit. How fantastic would it be if I came back from this year not only speaking spanish better, but also talking in a british accent? I'd call that a success!

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