Sunday, October 16, 2011

The things I learned from a foreigner today :)

So, Eli and I went out for coffee this afternoon and then back to her house to make "lunch" at 5pm. I guess I can say that I am now officially on the spanish eating schedule... Fantastic! Anyway, as we were walking up the sidewalk to her house, up walked Aram, our Mexican friend. It was literally like we had planned it, yet we were all surprised to see each other. 

Important note: Aram is here looking for work and just kind of drifts around all day doing whatever he wants, so the chances of running into him like that were pretty freaking small. Actually, he drifts around all day collecting things from the dumpsters behind stores like El Corte Inglés.
This might sound sketch, but he's been making bank off of this! Today he'd found a navy blue peacoat with no rips, no stains, absolutely nothing wrong with it, and m.a.g.i.c.a.l.l.y, it was just my size :) He tried to tell me that I could buy it for 1euro, which I said was ridiculous. A good jacket like this can easily cost up to 150euro! We agreed on 20. So...that's how my afternoon went, how was yours? :)

He is honestly one of the most interesting people I know. He studied anthropology for a while in school, and is just full of all this completely random information. He told me today, (this has nothing to do with anthropology, it's just interesting) that The World Islands off the coast of Dubai are sinking.
He travelled around Morocco for 6 months, he's been to Dubai, all over the states, lives in Mexico and now he's bumming it Spain trying to find work in Gibraltar. Pretty cool guy.

Sorry to get sidetracked.
Here are some of the things I learned from this Mexican today:

  • People who are color-blind are generally passive, happy, laid-back people. If you know me might understand why I laughed as I thought about this. 

  • Chupito (spain spanish) = shot of alcohol        chupito (mexican spanish) = a drunk old man

I was telling a story about how I had to take a shot (chupito) or warm tequila, but halfway through my sentence they both started laughing. Apparently because they had no idea why I was talking about taking a drunk old man. Fair enough, I would laugh too if someone told me that.

  • Eli and I are horrible people for laughing so hard we cried while watching this video...

  • But it's perfectly acceptable to laugh at this one.

These videos just don't get less funny, no matter how many times I see them!
  • I also learned, as you read above, that if I can't find a decent job when I go back to the states I can always dumpster dive for extra cash. Not...that I would...but it's good to know there's an option.
  • Tequila + milk + chocolate sauce = delicious? I beg to differ.
The most important part of this little story was when he told us that mothers give this to their babies when they're teething...I guess that's one way to shut them up, get them a little tipsy! Haha :)
  • And then I learned from Eli that in Mexico they make a stew from the meat off a cow's face. Wow, eww.
So there you go, all the useless albeit super interesting info I learned today. Don't you feel wiser now?


  1. Oh my, that blueberries video. I was like, "What? This isn't funny." Then we got to 1:17 and I understood everything.

  2. I did the exact same thing! My friend who showed it to me was in the corner snickering and trying to keep from laughing, and I just didn't understand what was so funny. I love the look on her sisters face as she looks back at the camera.