Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's been happenin' lately.

I single handedly started a class wide argument in social sciences, after I attempted to teach them a new game. Everyone was yelling at each other about how "you didn't win!! She did the points wrong!" Oh, that's nice, blame it on the new assistant when you're the one playing a game you don't understand. Thanks.

Went to Gibraltar for a couple hours on Saturday with Kristina, my british roommate. She forgot her passport the first time because she was so excited to go "home", she hadn't even realized she would need a passport to leave one country and enter another. Then she started cracking up as she saw the british flag and the customs sign, and commented that walking into Gibraltar felt exactly like going back to London. Cold and depressing. (There is a PERPETUAL RAIN CLOUD over the rock, I don't understand why. All of Algeciras and the coast was clear, warm and sunny, but once we crossed into Gibraltar it was windy and cold and cloudy.)

Went out Friday night with a giant group of Spaniards. (One of them was a "student" of Eli's and the rest were all his friends.) Quite the experience. Getting one Spaniard to do anything at a reasonable pace is quite the challenge, much less a giant group. We had dinner at 11:30 at night...yup. That was definitely a first for me!

Made dinner (fish tacos yum!) at Christine and Xabi's on Saturday, and then went to the bars at 2. Another first!

Explaining to the spaniard english idioms like "cutting a rug" and "that's what she said".

Then we were looking on youtube for the BICHO video, where a drunk spanish guy comes home (luckily his roommates film it) and tells them how he asked a girl on a date and she said "no, eres un bicho raro!" (Which means more or less "no, you're a disgusting creature" ish, not really sure how to translate that.) And then he starts saying "she couldn't have just said no, I'm busy, or no thank you, she had to say eres un bicho raro! That's not necessary!" Does anybody remember this video? Or know how to find it?

  • Update: So I have a terrible memory, which explains why I never found it. The video is "contigo no bicho", look it up on youtube if you're interested, very funny!

Xabi trying to explain to us why Larkin was so drunk, but we were still completely sober - "I'm not segregating... but she had like 15 drinks." Me-"Um what?"  Christine-"You mean, I don't want to exaggerate." I'm sure glad she could translate what he meant, cause I had no idea.

There was a c.r.e.e.p.y. spaniard standing behind me and breathing on my neck. And at one point he made a snorting sound near my ear. And then throughout the night if I made the mistake of looking in his direction he would raise both hands in a rock and roll fist pump stance and wait for me to do it back. Yeah...not gonna happen buddy.

We were out until 4am, which I realize for Spain is still quite early, but I was just fine with calling it a night.

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