Friday, September 30, 2011

The Adventures of Space Cadet (Just for you Allison)

Soo...for all of you that are familiar with my "Emma-ness/space cadet-ness/ditziness/whatever you'd like to call it", this one's for you.

I logged onto skype earlier this evening and then started looking around random sites online, trying to entertain myself until someone else logged onto skype that I could talk to.

A couple minutes later I got a message from a stranger, and when I asked who it was they sent me an angel smiley face. Weird. Then he said his name was Nick. No idea who he is. But whatever. He was probably typing in random names to try and get a response from someone. I ignored him.

A second later, I got an incoming call from Mimatu, once again, no idea who that is...I declined the call.

Then I got another message from someone else, just saying hi.

What the eff. 

What really set me off was the next guy who said "I can pay you if you want. $300." Long pause. "Do you like sex?" Ummmmmm what?????

That message was followed in quick succession by no less than 5 other guys saying various forms of "hi", "nice to meet you" and my personal favorite, "hello emma" which sounded ominous and foreboding given my current state of panic over how the hell all these people knew who I was.

By this time, I was pretty positive I had clicked on a bad link and somehow gotten linked up to a porn site or something. So I was freaking out and deleting conversations, and more just kept coming.
I went into my privacy and blocked messages, calls, etc. from anybody who wasn't on my contact list.
Thinking I solved the problem, I was happy.


They just kept coming. Wtf.

Then I got one saying something about how my profile picture was really hot. So now I'm thinking that my skype name is somehow linked up to a naked girl's picture, how that would happen I have no idea, but from all the messages and what they were saying it would have made sense.

I freaked out on him and asked how he got my skype name and what profile picture he was talking about.  Then he kindly explained that my status was set to 'skype me', which means that anybody and everybody can not only see that I'm online, but also call me and message me, regardless of my privacy settings.

So nice of Skype to make that clear.

So long story short, it was not my fault and I just have an overactive imagination.

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