Tuesday, September 20, 2011


But I'm not even venting about anything cool, just about myself. And my complete and utter lack of organization.

So first I had a major freak out when I realized I'd lost the envelope with my passport, visa, international drivers permit, acceptance letter, etc. Yup. That would happen to me. I spent half an hour frantically searching through the recycling, all the papers on the desk, and my mess of a room. No luck.

Half an hour later my mom finally answers my call and admits that she took a large white mailing envelope without looking in it, thinking it was the one from her sister that looked just like it.
Crisis adverted. And good thing too, cause without I wouldn't have made it to the airport.

So that little ordeal was taken care of, only for me to realize that I don't have a copy of my original letter from the hospital stating that I'm in good health. Which I need to apply for the NIE.


Why can't I be a more organized person and get my shit together ahead of time?

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