Monday, September 5, 2011


So I'm finally starting the packing process and I'm really worried that I'll think I have everything packed up and then arrive in Spain and realize I forgot all of my pants. Or something like that. Does anybody else have that fear?

I've written down various lists of things I want to make sure I remember, but I've lost all of them. Soooo...I figured if I made a blog post about it then I wouldn't be able to lose it again!


1 jar of Peanut butter - you don't realize how delicious pure peanut butter is until your only choice is Nutella.

Map of Wisconsin, post cards of New Glarus & La Crosse, packers&brewers paraphenalia (maybe), etc. - We're supposed to represent our estado right? I want to bring some hands on things, like maybe a bag of my favorite candy (or another jar of peanut butter). Does anyone have any ideas or tips?

Packers and Brewers shirts - I'm not sure how it will be this time since I'm living in a more Spanish-based city and I'm not traveling with an American program, but last time groups of us would always congregate at the Irish Bar to watch the sports games back home, drink, and talk loudly in English. If there is an opportunity to do that this year, I want to be able to show off my p.r.i.d.e.

1 sweatshirt and the comfiest pair of sweatpants I own - I would never ever be caught dead wearing these outside of my piso, but sometimes it's nice to just cuddle it up and l.o.v.e looking like a bum. However, the Spaniards would obviously not agree with this. Even when they're dressed down they still look stylish.

A couple boxes of Kraft mac n' cheese - ahhh pure deliciousness packaged in traditional american style. Not only will this be nice to have during my first few homeless nights in Algeciras, it will be a great example to show the kids of my life in college.

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