Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day in the Life of an Auxiliar (Pre-work)

So today I:

  • had my 1st phone conversation in spanish
  • looked at my first apartment! (total bust, but good experience, see below)
  • ate at McDonalds twice and got a soda from BurgerKing. Way to soak up the local culture, I know, but after my morning's brush with jamón serrano (see 9/27) I wasn't feeling very adventurous.
  • got an email from my BILINGUAL COORDINATOR saying she wants me to meet her at the school tomorrow (!!! great news! I thought I'd never hear from her!)
  • looked at amistad (friendship") ads on milanuncio.com...which those of you who speak spanish should probably check out if you're bored. Some of them are super funny. Like the guy looking to meet a nudist woman so they can relax on the beach together. Yeah.
  • Skyped for a ridiculous amount of hours with my boyfriend and looked up videos of cats eating treats from chopsticks
All in all, a fairly unproductive day. 

And I wish I had better news for the apartment hunting, but so far I've emailed about 3 people and haven't heard back. I did meet with one woman to see her piso over by the University of Cádiz campus, but it's not going to work out. The complex is about a 20 minute walk from my work, which isn't bad, but it's in a sketchy area of town, right by the school. 
She wants 200 euro/month just for the room, not including electricity/water/light/heat/etc. A little too pricy for me. And I would be living with her, a slightly odd 30-something year old, and a 25/30-something year old muslim woman. 
That's problematic since I'm counting on finding my friends through the apartment I find. Which will hopefully not all be 30-something year olds. 

Crossing my fingers that I get emails back tomorrow. If not, by Thursday I might cave and scare them away with my horrendous conversation skills over the phone. 

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