Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I swear I'm not going to keep posting everyday...

I feel like an overblogger. I need to stop. But I just have too many interesting things to share! So don't worry, if you are getting annoyed with my incessant blogging, it will stop soon, I promise. I'll get bored of this eventually.


I had a terrific day today. First off, I found my school. A mere 30-minute walk uphill that left me sweaty, smelly and with hair sticking up in all directions thanks to the wind. I met Rogelio, the director of the school, and Patricia, the bilingual coordinator.

Patricia was in the middle of her English class with the highest level students, who are 15 years old. The class was 75% guys and 25% girls. Total 180 from the U.S.
I said hi, and it was awkward. I couldn't tell if they were staring at me and giggling because 1) they were 16 year old boys and I was a girl (very plausible) or 2) because they could see my face shining with sweat and my hair sticking up in funny directions. One boy literally didn't take his eyes off me, even when I walked out of the classroom. Awkwardness.

Then Patricia introduced me to some of the teachers, of which the only one close to my age was Gonzalo, the math teacher, who looks around 25. Score. Potential friend?

She told me that I will probably have to work Tuesdays-Fridays, and then have Mondays off. That really sucks. There goes half the traveling I wanted to do. *sigh*. However she did introduce me to last years bilingual coordinator, who seemed pretty adamant that it wasn't important if I worked Mondays instead. So....we'll see!!

Then, feeling on top of the world, I walked to Corte Ingles, bought a hair dryer and got some food (kefir and mixed I hope you're proud!)

And thennnn, José, the receptionist/do it all guy at the hostel introduced me to 2 girls who are currently renting some of the studio apartments above the hostel. They're my age and are going to la politécnica, the university here. Juan also told me to talk to him as soon as I figure out my plans for clases particulares, and he knows several people who are interested.

Things are looking up for me in Algeciras!

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