Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stories

Today we went to the market! The San Augustin market is the biggest market in the region, and is held every Sunday near the bus station. It covers 3 city blocks, and has literally everything: sheets, towels, spices, clothes, shoes, baby clothes, lingerie (Emily pointed out a full body suit made only of black lace), and accesories. Everything is dirt cheap. I didn't buy anything today (mostly because I don't want my suitcase to be any heavier on the way to Algeciras) but I do plan on saving most of my shopping for when I come back.

After the market we walked to Parque García Lorca and took pictures of roses and people-watched. I've decided that little spanish kids are much cuter than american kids. That might sound bad, but it's true! They are all dressed in perfectly matching outfits and seem to be better behaved in general. Also it might have something to do with the fact that I'm a sucker for other languages...

One little girl was tired of walking in the heat and so as her parents kept walking, she stopped, bent down, grabbed her knees to her chest and refused to walk another step. Her parents looked at her in exasperation and said "vamos, vaya, vamos!" while she sat there and said "no!" It was adorable, and I really couldn't help but laugh. 

At 3 I went to have lunch with Carmen, Fabian, Curro (her son) and his wife, and their son Alfredo. Somehow I got my self in the situation of having to explain what a keg was. They all looked at me expectantly as I realized I had no idea how to even begin to explain it. I just sort of trailed off awkwardly. Ick. 

And now it is siesta time. Even though it is 5pm and siesta technically goes 2 - 5. Oops. 

Hasta luego!

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