Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

So I realize I am a little spoiled by living at this end of the country. If I ever happen to get sick of hearing Spanish/speaking Spanish/or eating Spanish, I can just hop on a bus and 40 minutes later I'm strolling down the streets of a UK colony.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. My roommate discovered last week that there is a movie theater in Gibraltar which meant...dum dum dum....that we could watch Twilight in English!!!!!!!

And despite the fact that she is one of the most Twilight-obsessed people I know, (love you Kristina!), I think she underestimated the rest of the Gibraltar's 12-15 year old girl population. We showed up to the theater at 5:15 to buy 4 tickets for a 6 o'clock showing. They were "sold out".
Kristina insisted that we would stand if we had to, and the lady at the counter magically came up with 4 seats, all in different corners of the theater. "We'll take it!" we said.

It was quite a different experience than watching it in the states.
For one, I had gotten stuck with the seat in the first row. Which made me a little nauseous just thinking about all the action scenes. But it turned out that their first row is approximately where our 10th row is, so I was juuuuust fine.
Secondly, there was quite the odd assortment of people that came. I saw a couple older gentlemen in suits, a group of guys my age without any girls (props to them), and lots of parents and kids. (From what I remember about the first 3 movies, it wasn't as much a family movie, there were more groups of friends and than kids with their parents. But I could be wrong.)

But don't worry, there were still plenty of 12 year olds clapping and oohing and aahing when Jacob took his shirt off.

Now I want to go see it here in Spain to see how much I can pick up!

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