Saturday, November 5, 2011

The place where I give my private classes.

I give private classes 3 days a week at the bottom of a giant hill.

At the top of this giant hill is Punta Europa, the major shopping mall in Algeciras. It has Bershka, Stradivarius, Lefties, and basically all of my favorite stores. And Primark: Europe's version of a Walmart. (They don't sell food, only clothes, accessories and bedding type stuff, but they are equally cheap and as unethically run as Walmart...)

Just in front of this shopping mall is an heladería (ice cream shop) that sells ice cream that basically has the consistency of a giant cup of flavored, frozen cool whip.
So. Frickin. Good.

Can anybody see the problem that this potentially causes? I'm trying to save my money and my diet, not throw it out the window.

My self-control and I will need to have a little chat.

Thank god I give my lessons at the bottom of the hill, and not the top. Hopefully not wanting to climb it will be MOTIVATION enough!

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