Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving at school

Everything that my students know about Thanksgiving can be summed up in two statements:
"They eat lots of turkey" and "isn't the Super Bowl played on Thanksgiving?"

Ummmm...make that just one statement.

Thankfully when I asked them if they knew anything about the Mayflower and the history of Thanksgiving, they were a little more knowledgeable. One student explained how people came over on the Mayflower, met Indians who taught them how to eat, and then 1 year later the pilgrims gave a celebration to the Indians for helping them find food. (That's more or less verbatim, bad grammar included.)

Needless to say, I had a lot to teach them about our history and modern customs.
I think they understood my mini-lecture, or at least if they didn't, they were very convincing. I explained the history of the pilgrims, meeting the Indians, their first successful harvest, the 1st Thanksgiving, a 3 day celebration, and why turkey is the most important part of the meal. Then I went on to talk about Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and NFL football (I made sure to include the part where the undefeated Green Bay Packers are playing tomorrow, and by undefeated I mean they have a great shot at making the Super Bowl. Go Packers!!)
Then when I started to explain Black Friday, the teacher stopped me and said "is Black Friday about....a war?" Apparently she had thought that it was a day of remembrance for a terrible massacre or something........................................ No.

So that was 3 ESO. For 2 ESO I showed them how to make hand turkeys. They turned out awesome.

The 2 students who made this insisted that 
it was a 'new breed' since it was blue, green 
and white instead of red, orange and yellow.

In other news, here are some random updates from the past couple of weeks.

This is what I discovered as I explored the city a few weeks ago.

I love the mix of new and old found throughout Europe.

Here's me in my natural habitat, aka work.

Here's something I bet you didn't expect to see. Me petting a SHEEP.

There's a guy that lives across the street from the school who owns a sheep. Not a dog, a sheep. And he ties it up outside his house so it can people-watch. I purposely cut through his parking lot every morning hoping to catch a glimpse of this guy.

And here is proof that I actually am working, not just bumming around Europe for 8 months

I'm riiiiiiiiiiiiiich! Mwuah ha ha.

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