Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Warning: cute picture

I was talking to a 2 ESO student (13 years old, 7th grade-ish) in class who didn't understand a question he was supposed to answer. After numerous failed attempts to explain it in English I figured it couldn't hurt to translate the question to Spanish and then have him explain it back to me in English.
Sounds fine right? But I never got past the translating-the-question part.

As soon as the question left my mouth his eyes got round and his jaw dropped an inch. "You speak Spanish....???" Umm...guilty! He couldn't wrap his head around that. Then he asked, "but you can't write Spanish right? And you can't read it?" No and no, I can do both. His jaw dropped farther. I was totally enjoying this moment, btw.

And then, as he dropped my favorite line of the day semester, his voice got lower, he leaned in close and whispered "...Does Carmen know you speak Spanish?" (Carmen is the history teacher I work with.) Kid, prepare to have your mind blown. She does indeed know this.

Then he excitedly asked me if I could ask Carmen if it was okay for me to speak Spanish all the time instead of English. I tried explaining to him that I was hired as an English assistant, not a Spanish assistant. He didn't like that. But he did make the effort to ask me all these questions in English. Bless his heart. And then as soon as the bell rang I let him switch back into Spanish.

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