Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And then I realized I was an adult.

An 'adult'. Ick. Scary word. Me no like. 

Being an adult means being mature, and on top of things, and independent, and...and all the things that were the motivation behind me jetting off to leave the real world and hide for a year in Spain.
But I guess it didn't work, and that being adult isn't something you can put off, it just kind of creeps up on you when you least expect it. 

Like, right now for example. (Picture me singing this in a bragging tone) *na-na na na-na-na I don't have to be an adult I can live in Europe for a year and travel every weekend and get paid a lot of money to do hardly any work and keep on being care-free and immature na-na na na-na-na*

But despite this, I've matured more in these last 2 months than I ever expected I would. I successfully apartment-hunted in a 2nd language, set up a bank account, learned how to change a propane tank, and reached an understanding with my long-standing hatred for doing the dishes.

Anyway, that was all just a side-ramble. Here is what I originally intended to post:

So I realize that I graduated last May, I realize that I've been living in a foreign country for the last 2 months (successfully, might I add), and I thought I had realized that I am working at a school and not attending school. 
Tomorrow Eli and I are going on our first field trip with the school. Except, we are not the ones going on a field trip. The students are. So I guess that means we're....chaperoning

I was thinking about this about 5 minutes ago and my thought process literally went from "no school tomorrow we're going on a field trip!!!" to "oh my god I'm actually an adult now, I'm chaperoning a school field trip!" to "Oh my god I'm an adult. And an assistant teacher at that."

It was scary. 
But also gave me a giddy feeling. 
Remember when you were little and the teachers lounge was 'the teachers lounge', and even just catching a glimpse inside when you walked passed the open door was a special feeling? You had no idea what went on in there, it was such an unknown "grown-up" place. At least that's how I always felt.
And so now, every time I walk through the doors of the school, wave to my students and go through the doorway to the teacher's lounge, i gave the little kid in me a pat on the back. Good job, you finally got to see what was going on behind those doors. I guess being an adult isn't so bad after all.

Check it out, my 1st care package! Mac&cheese, peanut butter cups, my favorite healthy cookies, and circus balloon toys for some of my private classes! (And in the upper left corner is my brand-spankin-new residency card, which means that I officially live in Spain!!!)

Before you say it, yes, I know, that is not at all what a pressure cooker looks like. Oops. Just add this to the list of wrong definitions I've given my students so far this yea
I drew this for 3ESO when they asked me what 'scuba diving' meant, and of course it wasn't possible to explain using only hand gestures. Don't ask me why they needed to know what either of these were, but I'm pretty proud of my scuba man.

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  1. Yeah I had the same revelation when I was T.A-ing in class back home and they were doing an earthquake drill and I had make sure all of the kids were under the desk.

    Jealous of the care package

    I wrote a poem about this whole adult revelation if you're interested in checking it out...

    Hasta Luego!