Friday, February 3, 2012

Trying to go on a diet...?

Take the light bulb out of your kitchen. This can effectively cut your eating in half, limiting you to only the hours that the sunlight outside comes in your kitchen window. Obviously, this doesn't mean you starve yourself, you can still grab quick little snacks that you can find in the dark, but it does mean that you can't cook large calorie-rich meals after dark.

Why do I know this?

Because for the past 3 days the lightbulb in our kitchen has been dying out, very slowly. Last night while I was making a sandwich and trying not to let the 'light DARK light DARK light DARK' of the light bulb bother me, my roommate walked through, laughed and said "...discoteca!" Which means that it looked like a club in our kitchen.
Pretty accurate.

In my defense, I don't know where to buy light bulbs or how to install them. Weak, I know. My boyfriend insisted that I should figure it out, but....I just don't want to. I want a roommate to do instead. But they seem pretty hell bent on not dealing with it either. Or the massive amounts of dishes that have piled up in the sink. Which for once, not my fault.

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