Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some telltale signs you've adjusted to life in Spain...

  • You accidently say American words the way your students say them. Like how I said 'facebook postes' instead of 'facebook posts' this morning.
  • You start trying to spell American words funetically phonetically.
  • You have to differentiate by saying 'American words' so that others know you don't mean 'British words'. Because by now, especially if you're an auxiliar, you know they are completely different. 
  • Toast with olive oil, salt and tomato spread for breakfast? Sure!
  • When someone offers to drive you somewhere, you get giddy with excitement at the prospect of not having to take the bus.
  • There are ACTUALLY some Spanish foods that you will miss when you go back home to the States. 
  • You automatically read the weather in Celsius now, not Fahrenheit. Which can lead to some confusion when a friend on facebook complains that it's only 30 degrees out. (And you think...only??)
  • You understand that while Europe might seem tiny with all the countries squashed together, it's still a hassle to just 'hop on over' to another country. (Unless, maybe, you are lucky enough to live in Madrid or Barcelona. Curse you all.)
  • When you hear you're friends back home talk about how they stayed out all the way until bar time, you laugh a little inside, cause you might not even leave your house until 'bar time'.
BUT....No matter how Spanish you might be starting to feel, you will ALWAYS be American because...
  • You know that narrating your movements to the general public is not an acceptable thing to do.
  • And neither is talking to yourself while in a room with other people. (If you talk to yourself when you're by yourself, that's fine. Do what you gotta do.)
  • And neither is whistling a high pitched tune while in a room with lots of other people. Continuously.
  • And neither is enthusiasticly singing Flamenco style music while you're in a room with other other people.
All of those happened to me today in the teachers lounge. The whole 'narrating your movements thing' happens to me anytime I'm in the room with my roommates. I've come to learn that they don't except a response, they just like to mutter to themselves.
  • And finally, you know that saying "How cold. How cold! Hoooow cold! How coooooold!" does not constitute an acceptable conversation. 
    • (Yes, this happened to me. And no, I couldn't get a word in edge wise. And yes, she thought she was making conversation.)

Comment and let me know what your list would be!

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