Monday, February 13, 2012

The hike to Honey River

Yes, it really is called Honey River (el Río de la Miel) and yes, it was as lovely as it sounds.
Saturday was the day of my Grandpa's funeral back home, and so rather than being miserable all day wishing that I was home with my family, 2 friends and I set off on a hike to commemorate his life by living ours :)

Enjoy the pictures!

"If those fell on your head they would knock you out."
We found an old crumbling down grain mill by the river. So picturesque!
Orange trees hangin' out by the river. So Spanish.
They went exploring by the pond, while my lazy self stayed behind.
"A pretty view of Uglyciras??" Yup, it can look quite idyllic if you're far enough away.