Thursday, January 19, 2012

Green Lake, Austria - Scuba diving in a flooded state park.

I just stumbled across an article about a State Park in Austria called Green Lake. This article describes it better than I can, so read check it out!

Since I got my scuba diving certificate 2 years ago, I have yet to use it. So I think a trip to Austria this June before coming home is in order, don't you? If anyone is going to be in Europe during the beginning of June and is interested in going either just to check it out, or to scuba dive with me, let me know! I would love some company!

And here is another article with a cool video!


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  2. Hi Emma! Green Lake is really very beautiful and wonderful place to dive. And me too interesting to scuba dive at this amazing place. Will be pleased for a good company) So, if you decide to dive this June please write me!)

  3. If there's one better feeling than rocking up in a new destination, camera in hand and eyes on stalks to find something genuinely stunning, it's knowing that what you've seen is a one off, a freak experience that those that follow you are unlikely to ever be able to recreate. Experiencing such a moment just once is one of those things that can get yo Green Lake