Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soy como un flor...y mi novio es el agua.

I left the house wearing shorts this morning.
This doesn't seem like a big deal, right? And it shouldn't be. Unless you happen to live in Spain and don't put on tights under the shorts.
(That's a big no-no, unless you want to attract attention from all the wrong guys.)

I left the house wearing running shorts and was sitting on a bench waiting to meet Eli to go on a walk. An old man walked passed me at one point, looked me up and down, and said with a slightly confused (because of my clothing choice) and decisive look on his face, "no hay verano este año." (There's no summer this year.) Basically, he told me that it wasn't summer and that I couldn't go around wearing so little clothing, I had to cover up. (Solely because it wasn't the summer season yet, never mind that it was summer weather.) I got very indignant and replied that I could wear whatever I pleased, thank you very much. I guess I amused him, because he broke out in guffaws and sat down next to me on the bench, looking very pleased with my response.

He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said yes. He asked "here?" I said no, the United States. He said "that can be very dangerous." And I said "oh yeah?" And he explained that a woman without a man "es como un flor sin agua. La flor está aquí y el agua está allí. Como vas a vivir?" (It's like a flower without water. The flower is here and the water is there. How are you going to live?) Joder, man! I assured him I was living just fine.

And then he asked me if I wanted to get coffee. No. No I most definitely did not. He asked me for my number, so that maybe we could get coffee later. I said not a chance. Then he asked me if he could give me his number. Nope. "But how will we be able to maybe get a coffee later? Oh! I'll show you where I live!" Super. So now I know that he lives on the first floor of an apartment on the corner across from the train station, and that he is always in a café right on the corner, so I won't have any trouble finding him. Fantastic.

I love getting hit on by old creepy men who tell me that I can't live without a man and it's not okay to wear shorts in 70 degree weather. Spain, you really need to get with the modern era.

Only 1 month until this look won't get me stares and catcalls. 

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