Monday, May 14, 2012

Kayaking Snapshots

Today was such a good day. It was eventful, fun, and worthwhile, which is not something I can usually say about my week days. Why was today so special? I went to work went kayaking! Which was such a better use of time, lets be honest. And then did an hour of spinning without sitting down once, which is a huge accomplishment for me. My legs usually give out a couple times throughout the hour, so tonight was the first time I could say that I successfully completed the entire class. It was a great feeling.

Here are some snapshots from the Bay of Gibraltar, where Jeff and I spent the afternoon:

Along the coastline. 
More coastline, complete with the picturesque ruins of a house.
Playa Getares, the prettiest beach in Algeciras. 
Completely unrelated hike from a few months ago. 
This is Eli and I gazing out across the Bay of Gibraltar.
Jeff and I were kayaking right below this cliff. 

So, if for some reason you are ever in Algeciras for a day, don't despair. I know the guide books make it seem like the worst place in the world, but it does it have its little pockets of sunshine! Take a bus out to Playa Getares and relax at the beach, before heading back to the grit and grime of the city at night.

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