Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pyramids of Mississippi && other important facts..

There have been some moments during the past year when I've wondered why the heck I am in this school, when students are obviously not listening to me and the teachers are just taking me for granted.

For instance,

- When a 3rd year said that the United States had a king.
- When a 2nd year told me that Vermont is famous for its 'syrup of moose', after I had given him a clearly labeled picture saying it was 'maple syrup'.
- When one of Eli's students wrote that "an other famous monuments are the Pyramids of Mississippi, these were built in ancient times by the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas", in reference to interesting facts about the state of Mississippi.
- When I walked into school today and the teacher with whom I have class with on Wednesday said, "you're still working this week??"
- When I asked my students to hand in the report they've been working on for the last 4 weeks, after I explained last week in Spanish that today was the final day to turn it in, and they looked at me with sad eyes and say they thought they didn't need to turn it in at all.
- When a teacher pronounced the Spanish word paella as 'pa-lela', because she was reading something in English, and I corrected her and said it was still pronounced the same, but she went on to say the word with wrong pronunciation 3 more times. Even though it was a word in her native language. Fail.

Ahhhh, the good life. Where students can look you in the eye and nod and say they understand, and then turn around and whisper "wtf did she just say" to all their classmates. Yet nobody has the courage to raise their hand and actually ask.

Only 2 more days of this nonsense!

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  1. Pero, que ha dicho??

    lol yeah this definitely is one to get on my nerves!!