Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Weather

Current weather here in Algeciras. Heeeeeeello December :)

                                     Current weather back home in La Crosse. Wow, I'm sorry guys! (Btw, when I tell my students what some of our december/january temperatures are, they're jaws literally drop.)

UPDATE/NOTE: If you know me well you know that I am very oblivious. Case in point. Thank you Kaley for pointing out that this is in Celcius and the others are in farhenheit! Oops. So here is the updated weather for La Crosse....

Still cold, but nowhere near what I thought it was...Which makes the rest of this post moot. But in the interest of conserving my previous excitement/stupidity/whatever you want to call it, I'll leave the rest of it up.
                       Current weather in Munich, Germany.

The point of this is not to brag, I promise. The point is that I've spent the last week looking up everything I could about winter weather in Germany, and agonizing over whether I should bring my warm winter jacket that I brought from Wisconsin, or whether I will be okay with just layering up and bringing a lighter jacket. And when I say agonizing, i mean agonizing. I hate packing. It's so stressful.

So then I decided to do this little comparison! And while I realize that the current temperatures for La Crosse are not exactly average, I also realized how much I do not need any sort of jacket that I would currently be using back home. Yay!


  1. Well, it's not fair to do the two European ones in Fahrenheit and the USA one in Celsius, haha. Makes it look worse (although it is pretty bad)!

  2. Oh no!!!! I didn't notice that at all! Now that I switched it over to fahrenheit it totally makes my post a moot point. Ah well. Short-lived excitement.

  3. Woo LaCrosse! My whole family is from there! Yay fellow auxiliares from places I know.

    1. Really? Cool! This blogging world is such a small place :) I also stumbled across the blog of another auxiliar who had apparently been in one of my Spanish classes a couple years ago. So random!