Friday, December 16, 2011

Algeciras Christmas Light Show

Oh Spain, you never fail to amuse me.

Tonight I went to the city center to check out a light show at the city hall. I got there at 9:50, and it was supposed to start at 10. There were a couple handfuls of people there, and then right around 9:55, the rest of the town showed up. Which, is actually kind of impressive for Spaniards, to show up anywhere 5 minutes early.

Xabi and Christine came with high expectations of 3-D images displayed up on the building set to music. Or something like that. They said the videos they found online where awesome. I, however, came with absolutely zero expectations. Which was definitely for the best.

First off, right at 10pm a message was put up on the projector saying that due to technical difficulties the show would be delayed until 10:30. (We found out that the "technical difficulties" was actually that the guy in charge of the projector lived in Tarifa and was sleeping.) The 'technical difficulty' finally showed up around 10:35 and managed to get the show rolling. 

The show was in 3-D and was more of a haphazard arrangement of sound clips set to random 3-D designs and images portrayed on the building. They had a drawing of the building on the projection which they lined up with the building, and then when they hit play the projected image would do things like pop out from the original building or turn 360 or change colors. It was kind of cool.
And I can't forget to mention the fake snow aka bubbles that were being shot out of snow machines on the top of the building. Or the green smoke that was shot out twice on top of the projector. (The green smoke literally had nothing to do with any of the show.)

If my description of the night leaves you a little confused, then you know how I felt walking away from that show. It lasted 4 minutes, at which point they hit repeat. "Maybe if we're lucky they'll repeat it a 3rd time!" "Emma! Be careful what you say!"
And then repeated it a 3rd time.

All in all though, even with all its shortcomings and mistakes (the 45 minute late start probably would have gotten somebody fired in the U.S.) it was a great experience and a true representation of Spanish culture. I'm glad I went and got to experience it.

This is what Christine and Xabi saw, and then called me excitedly to say there was going to be a 3-D video projection at the Town Hall. 

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