Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Tell me little lies baby..."

Sometimes its just no fun to be the only native English speaker in a class. It's not nearly as fun to laugh at people's mistakes when you're the only one who realizes it was a mistake.
For example:

  • One of my students was talking about her cousin and she said "My cousin is 10 years old. I love her very much, but she is very loose." She thought about that for a second and then wrote on the board 'loose=floja'. My immediate reaction, being a native speaker and knowing slang, was 'OH GOD!! She can't be serious....can she?' The teacher didn't help my thought process when she told the student that that wasn't right, because 'loose' meant 'losing clothes'. Dear god. Finally she got it right and said loose meant 'baggy', and what the student meant to say was 'lazy'. It had been a scary few minutes for me. 
  • Then the next girl got up to speak, but I can't tell you what she talked about because her shirt was distracting me. It said in big glittery silver cursive letters, "tell me little lies baby...". I don't even know what to think about that. 
Another observation I made is how obsessed Spaniards are with color-coordinating. Sometimes they can pull it off and look effortlessly classy, but sometimes, it's an epic fail.
  • Like the girl today wearing purple shoes, purple pants, purple shirt, and gray zipup sweatshirt with purple stars. TOO MUCH PURPLE!
  • My favorite color-coordination mishap is when women think its okay to wear an entire outfit of the same exact color. Tan pants, tan boots, tan shirt, tan sweater, tan scarf. Yes, I actually saw this, and yes it was all the exact same shade of tan. It was actually kind of impressive
  • And then there was the grandma wearing an olive green tracksuit with a matching olive green t-shirt, and an olive green jacket. Too much.
  • The most common of these here in Spain is the all black outfit. Seriously people, what is wrong with a little color??
But I digress. Spaniards are known for their impeccable style, they just happen to have a lot of mistakes on the way to finding perfection.

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