Monday, June 18, 2012

All good things must come to an end...

The year is over. Wow! I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm still not quite convinced that I'm actually leaving, even though I just threw away 3 bags of clothes and all my bed sheets. Normally, if I was taking the overnight bus to Madrid for a weekend trip I would be nervous right now, packing and double checking that I'm not forgetting anything. I'd be anxious, and just wanting to get there already. But right now? I'm not feeling any of that. I'm just completely in shock that I'm actually leaving. In 24 hours I will be home, back in the land of American, Jersey Shore, flavorful food, and real beef.

Spain might have been a little rough, this year might not have gone exactly how I'd hoped it would, but it was nevertheless one of the best experiences of my life. I challenged myself everyday and feel like a better and stronger person because of it.
There were high points (seeing my students markedly improve in their English) and low points (a trip to the ER after falling down the stairs). I traveled un montón (9 countries) but still took the time to know my own region. I improved 100% on my Spanish, but in the process lost a lot of my English-speaking and spelling capabilities. (Now everything I say es una mezcla, depending en cuales palabras encuentro primero.) I made great friends, both Spanish and extranjeros. I experienced the local fiestas (carnaval and the fería) and also the not-so-great aspects of living in a more money-conscience society. I made some really unexpected friendships (the Moroccan worker at the local alimentación or the waitress at the café near my school). Looking back on the year, it was so crazy and so fun that it's hard to come to terms that its over.

Although, going back home will just be a different adventure in itself. I'll be moving in with the boyfriend and two college friends, who have a dog. So really, life back home can't be all that bad either. And then there will be the period of adjustment, which I'm sure will make me want to jump on the first plane back to Spain. Within the past week I've already noticed small things, like not understanding the 12-hour clock system or fahrenheit anymore. ("You have class at 4:15?? In the morning?? Oh....right.") I can't wait to see my reaction to the price of fresh fruits and veggies. Oy. Vamos a ver.

Hasta luego Europa, until next time!


  1. Spanglish is a wonderful thing!

    Suerte on your nuevo capitulo <3

    1. Thank you! Are you renewing for next year?