Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back at the School

So, I stopped by the school today to pick up some papers from my bilingual coordinator. It was a strange feeling. The second I stepped foot in the front yard, I heard the 3rd years scream and saw them, literally, rushing at me. Awww it's so nice to be loved :) I'd only been gone for 2 weeks, but it was nice to know they missed me.

As for the rest of the basically summed up my year's experience there in 1 minute. The bilingual director saw me and said tiredly "I forgot your letter." (Of course you did.) "Can I just email it to you later? When do you need it by?" (No, you can't, because if I let you do that you'll just keep forgetting.) So I said I would come back Monday, and that I needed it printed off and signed. She looked confused, but agreed and walked away. Ever the unhelpful and forgetful one, she is.

Then some of the 3rd years asked if I was coming to classes with them. I said no, with the excuse that I had to be in Gibraltar in an hour. The real reason I didn't however, was that I didn't think the teachers would be pleased to see me show up in class. They would mostly likely be annoyed that I was wasting their "valuable time" that they seem to have so little of. (Let's not get into how when the bell rings they sit around chatting until it's too late to put off going to class anymore. That's where a lot of their "valuable time" goes.)
That pretty much sums up my year. I always felt like I was in the way, or wasting their time. I'd like to leave the school with good memories of my co-workers, but every time I try it just falls flat. At least I'm going out with great memories of my students, and that's really the only part that matters.

However, since I have to be back at the school on Monday anyway, the teachers will just have to deal with me crashing their classes this time :)

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