Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anyyyybody else....?

Now that it's getting closer to the time to leave and now that it's starting to sink in that this is happening, I'm getting wayyy more nervous! For the last 9 months I've been casually telling people that I'll be living and working in Spain next year. I could go through the whole schpiel (is that how you spell it?) about where I'll be living, where I'll be working, yes I'm excited, yes I'll miss my boyfriend but no we're not going to break up, and no I'm hardly fluent in Spanish. It's amazing how many people have decided that I must be fluent in Spanish because it's my major. was a losing argument. Lately I've just been nodding and smiling and agreeing that after 8 years of spanish, I am completely fluent. Lies.

Anyway, I've also been keeping a closer eye on the facebook groups for the program. There are specialized groups now for each region, and sometimes for a specific town. I asked on the main page a while ago if anybody else was placed near Algeciras, but so far I haven't heard back.

There are separate groups for Sevilla, Granada and Cádiz, and I've seen some posts about 5 or 6 people teaching in the same tiny town. But I haven't heard anything about Algeciras. For a town of 115,000 there must at least one more auxiliar, right?


  1. You're not alone, I actually got my visa in the mail today, and as much as I am happy that this is getting to be real, there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am REALLY leaving.

    Lol and no worries, I get the whole you're a spanish major therefore you in essence are the equivalent of a Spanish dictionary- WRONG.


    Auxiliar en Madrid

  2. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. It's starting to set in that we'll actually be in Spain in less than a month! My visa is finally ready, so now I just need to find the time to make the drive to pick it up. Whyyyy does this process have to be so difficult?

    And you'll have a terrific time in Madrid :)

    Good luck!