Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A definitive wrap up post, kind of.

I've been back from Spain for almost exactly a month, but it basically feels like it's been forever. Transitioning has been much easier than I was expecting it to be. That should be a good thing, right?Instead, I feel like I'm forgetting about all the time I spent in Spain, little by little. I know that travelled all over Europe and and increased my Spanish level by about 200%, but it's getting harder and harder to remember that. Sometimes I feel like I never left Wisconsin.

(Except for the times when the first thing that comes to mind is me da igual instead of 'I don't care' or when I start to say something funny about that one time in Rome...and nobody knows what I'm talking about.)

A month ago, all of my thoughts came out in Spanish first, English second. Now? It's hard to come up with even basic conversation. I know that I'll go back to Spain eventually. Not going back just isn't an option. Also, because I spent the last nine years learning Spanish, it's just not something that I can drop. Luckily for me, Milwaukee has such a large Hispanic population that stores like Target and Walmart have all of their store signs and item descriptions in English and Spanish!

It's hard to come up with a definitive post to wrap up my time in Spain. I've been going back through my pictures and blog posts and trying to wrap my head around everything that happened, so that I could write up a nice short final post about my time abroad. I was thinking that maybe that would make it easier for me to transition to blogging about living back in Wisconsin. But so far all that's happened is that I've procrastinated that post, and every other post. Oops!

So maybe I'll stop trying to wrap my head around everything. Maybe I'll just re-read through my entire blog one more time, to remind myself of all the great times I had. And then I'll throw myself 100% into this new chapter of my life in Milwaukee. Living in Milwaukee isn't all that bad. It's definitely not Spain, but it's also a new city and full of new adventures. And since after 10 months of non-stop traveling I'm finally calling it quits and staying put for a few months, maybe I'll get a chance to really get to know the area. Maybe it will surprise me. Or maybe, just like I did while living on my own in Spain, I'll surprise myself :)

Stay tuned for posts coming up about the Color Run I participated in last weekend in Minneapolis, and maybe a post or two about my house and (roommate's) fox-like dog!

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